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isa perfect harmony of energy, colours,
shapes and materials.

Interior design is beautiful because you can participate in the creation of a space where people spend at least one third of their lives. Not only will you meet new people who share your view on what is beautiful, but you can work with them and help create the thing they call my home, my office or my shop.


What is beautiful about such an interior is that it will always be an original, have the energy of its owners and will be distinctive by its tailor-made colours, shapes and materials that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.


What makes an interior successful is mainly the harmony in which all factors are connected. It can either be full of gold and luxury materials, or full of wood and natural materials and yet both will be absolutely perfect. They will be perfect just because the colours, materials and shapes are in harmony. Just as every person is unique, so is every house, apartment or villa. The thing that gives these buildings their uniqueness is not their cover but what they have inside, the interior. You will rarely find two absolutely identical ones.


It is the uniqueness, originality, creation, and this process that I love about interiors. Each time is different and beautiful.

Let´s learn to see things through our heart …


In the Projects section you will find all the successfully completed projects which were very complex and whose owners allowed us to take picture of them. But if you want to know what is going on right now, you need to go to the News section, which includes minor individual projects.


Do you want to know what we are working on? This is the most appropriate section for you. Here are some stories about various stages of interior design projects, our visits to design fairs, and even photos taken during the creation and at the completion of an interior. Afterwards, some of them get a place of honour in the Projects section.

Sales Gallery

In the Sales Gallery there are a few favourite pieces that either have been made in our workshop or are original paintings. We offer these paintings to our clients because they are not commonly available.

My recent projects

byt Pod střechou

prosinec 2018

byt v korunách Chaber

březen 2018

Byt Altajská

leden 2018

byt Madridská

červenec 2017

byt Letná

červen 2017

Children´s rooms

31. May 2015

More and more mothers come to me with their wish to change rooms for their children.

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