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Children´s rooms

31. May 2015

More and more mothers come to me with their wish to change rooms for their children. When you ask me whether I design more rooms for boys or girls, or whether I prefer designing rooms for girls or for boys, my answer would be I do not care. Each category has its own specifics and each is playful and creative. I cannot tell either which age category prevails. I have been designing rooms for children between two and seventeen years of age. It is always nice that you can have your fling of creativity. No matter what age the children are, they always enjoy playing. Only the toys change with their age.


klučičí pokoj v domě v Praze holčičí pokoj v bytě v Praze

I am starting my new website

14. May 2015

Since the beginning of this year, my programmer, graphic designer and I have been putting together the new look and logo of my website. I give my great thanks for their patience and hard work! As there are more and more of you who like my work, I am busy, and this website project has been dragging on. Unfortunately, this deprived you of the latest news. However, I wish to put an end to it. Thanks to the new website administration, the sharing of my latest projects with you will be easier and faster. Please excuse me that I am going to upload the latest things only after we have started the new website, and I am not going to mention the projects from the last years, because they are not news anymore. But I will not deprive you of the complete projects and upload everything we have managed to shoot.

We Are Taking Pictures Of The Flat Pod Viaduktem

6. May 2015

The flat Pod Viaduktem in Prague 5 will finally live to see its professional pictures. The ground plan chosen by the owners provides a perfect space for the four-member family. The kitchen separated from the living room allows the cook to get free from the duties in the kitchen and enjoy the family harmony or visitors. It was possible to make an original tree-shaped bookcase due to this separation in the living room. You can see the pictures of the manufacturing process of the bookcase in the joiner´s workshop as well as the ground plan which won. However, there is a minor change to it, arisen due to a different situating of the furniture arrangement. Besides the owners you will definitely be the first ones who will see the interior.

     vítězná půdorysná varianta finálního interieru                  jak vznikala knihovna se stromem


Interiors are already under way in the house in Ruzyně

14. April 2014

The detached house in Ruzyně, built by a high-flying lawyer, has arrived in the stage of interior furnishing. We have been settling space arrangement and technical matters, such as a fireplace placement, door and window colours and materials, and the interior is slowly emerging as well. In the middle of May we are going to put one very original plaster on the walls which will be made according to the photograph made by the client in England. The kitchen and the other furniture will follow immediately. I am looking forward to her settling in very much.

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