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The house in Čakovice, one of the northern parts of Prague, is situated in the original development of detached houses and offers peace and quiet in spite of being in the city.


In my opinion, this house is a successful reconstruction where only the circumferential walls were preserved. I was lucky that I could already be present during the discussions over contract documentation, so I was allowed to intervene in the exterior as well as interior appearance of the house. I could design the staircase hall flooded with light, use the owners´ favourite wood on the façade and tune the rest in neutral colours.


The house is designed for a four-member family. We mainly used natural materials, and the main idea of the house is to bring the daily light in. In principle, the daily light is in all the rooms, including the bathrooms. The rooms are covered in the exotic merbau wood. It runs through the whole house, except for the bathrooms, where we used tiles, and the bedroom, where we chose soft carpets to create the image of cosiness. Even though the floor and windows are of darker colours, the house remained light. The furniture uses white half-shine varnish, glass and plastic that gives the interior a modern and airy character. The living room is separated from the dining room and the kitchen with two large steps that can be used for sitting as well. The fully-glazed staircase well serves as a perfect sanctuary for plants that thrive here and bring a piece of nature into the house. The owners originally planned to use the space under the staircase as a storage, but because there are enough technical rooms and the walk-in wardrobe, design luckily won over practicality. Nobody regrets this decision. There is really so much storage space that we could also avoid fitted wardrobes.

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