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Officially approved as a maisonette in a new Finep building, yet someone might see it as a terraced house. The apartment even has a small garden and a balcony. There are six flats alike next to each other with a garage below. When I saw it first, the apartment was still empty, without any floors or doors; only the space arrangement had been given then. The young childless couple left me fully in charge.


I decided for a clean, modern interior with pastel colours and natural materials. Therefore, there is a floating floor made of oak boards, which is currently very in style. The walls have stone cladding, and the furniture is a combination of lacquer and oak veneer.


Thanks to a change to the original Finep design, the present living room is nice and airy with a staircase going to the upper floor. The large French window and its connection with the garden brings a lot of light into the whole space. The fitted kitchen, also situated in the living room, is large and will suit the family when it grows.


The bedroom space was divided with a door so conveniently that it allowed us to insert a large, spacious walk-in wardrobe. This is how we could avoid fitted wardrobes, which I personally do not like very much and try to avoid them or find an elegant option, which was e.g. used in the Kejřův Park project.


For the bedroom we chose a very decent wallpaper in neutral colours again. Its design resembles the nature which is right beyond the windows overlooking the path along the Rokytka Stream.


All furniture, from the bathrooms to the rooms, was designed by KP Interiors and custom-made by our partner joiner´s workshop.

  • Minimalistický obývací pokoj s dubovou podlahou
  • Minimalistický obývací pokoj doplněné světly Philips
  • Televizní stěna obložena přírodním kamenem
  • Dubové schody se skleněným zábradlím
  • Ložnice s tapetou Rasch, větve stromu
  • Kuchyňská linka v barvě šedo-béžové od Maxx kuchyně
  • schodišťová hala

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