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Kejřův park

A new building in an enclosed area of several residential houses offers the young family absolute safety and connection with the nature that is around these houses. I was lucky that I could witness the beginnings of the construction of this three-bedroom apartment which will serve the needs of young people.


The floors and doors had already been made of oak parquet flooring and wood. The bathrooms had also been made in neutral tones, so I was grateful to the developer that it was not necessary to deal with any fads. Thanks to the floor we decided to use light tones, support the oak wood and complement them with beige tints. Even though the living room was not too spacious, we managed to use it as much as we could. We could allow ourselves a spacious kitchen area, followed by the dining table and partially separated living area, from which you enter the small terrace. In the lounge is a uniquely designed library in the shape of a tree which goes up into the hall and thus interconnects the whole space. It is used to put things away and for books. There is another hiding place in the flat in the corner of the L-shaped wall unit. Because of the corner, there would be space with no use. We took advantage of its position and made it open from the top. It can also be used as a cupboard.


The child’s room is designed for little girl twins who do not live permanently here, but still have their home. In the bedroom we chose cream colours complemented with olive green which gives the boxes another dimension. The huge wardrobe with a partly sliding door hides a TV set inside.


The bathroom furniture was designed and tailor-made. To utilize all storage space, lockers are designed to fit into niches around the perimeter of the bathroom. The cabinets under the sink even have a drawer which is shallower under the washbasin so that the entire space can really be utilized.


This is why the apartment has stayed nicely airy, bright, and with plenty of storage space that does not disturb the character of the whole apartment.

  • Obývací pokoj v duchu dubu a světlých neutrálů
  • kuchyň v barvě slonové kosti
  • dětský pokojíček pro holčičky
  • ložnice s teplými tóny béžové a olivové
  • Pohled do obývacího pokoje s knihovnou strom
  • detail knihovny stromu
  • Koupelna v šedých neutrálech zabydlená dubem

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