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Situated in a peaceful village not far from Prague, the house was built according to a typified design. However, its owners wanted to adapt the interiors to their family´s needs.


There had already been walnut board floors and doors in the house. We completed them with a custom-made living room, study, bathroom, hall, and kitchen cupboards. I always try to respect the character of the given house, so I did the same here. As the façade and the interior fireplace had already been made in stone cladding, I decided to utilize it in the interior as well. My goal was also to bring the nature into the house, and because the owner is a florist, she helped me use plants in the interior.


Venetian plaster is used in the lower part of the house, partially in the corridor and in the living room where it occupies the main wall. In contrast to the walnut board floors, Venetian plaster, and stone cladding, high polish on the furniture and glass were used. These were accompanied by the wallpaper that also plays with light and uses shiny and matt motives. This concept runs through the whole house.


I also used the stone cladding in the last unfurnished bathroom where enough space allowed us to situate a large bath.


The bedroom is generously designed with a large space which we used as the owner´s study. However, we had to separate it carefully from the bedroom. In the end, a wall made of milled and painted medium density fibreboards won. The fibreboards were also used on the chest of drawers standing opposite the double bed, so we unified the design and materials in the room. All the furniture in the house was made according to KP Interiors designs.

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