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The flat is situated in the original buildings in the wider centre of Prague. This house still has its charm, and we are lucky that it was made of quality materials. It has wide walls, high ceilings, and, in my opinion, a soul. The owners used to live in the neighbourhood and clearly knew they wanted to stay in the area. They had an opportunity to live in a house owned by the family, so there was no point in waiting. The renovation could start.

When I met the owners, the project assignment was clear. The owner wanted to exclude wood, dark colours and the ethno style she had been living in before and was fed up with. The flat was to serve the couple who has a ten-year daughter and a cat.

It had to be completely reconstructed. First, we discussed optional ground plans so that it could suit the three-member family with a cat. Then, all the digging, building works and electrical installations started.

It was merry to work together on the concept that could be so colourful. The decision to make the floor of grey-white vinyl décor made me free to act. Nevertheless, I respected the neutral base, which means white with a structure or white smooth. The colours that bring playfulness in the interior are used on the wallpaper or accessories. A wallpaper with the structure of trees that play with the reflections and lights is used in the living room. It depends on which angle you look at it because it shows itself in all the beauty. It was used to perfectly refine and domesticate the living room, which is white and grey except for the accessories that can be changed at any time, thus making a completely new living room for little money.

The kitchen is the most playful space, especially thanks to the design wallpaper Eijffinger, which evokes the image of a colour TV screen with no broadcasting on: Do you remember it from your childhood (if you were lucky enough to have a colour TV)? Only few people know that there is a secret room used as the owner´s study in the apartment. This is because the study can be entered through the door that looks entirely like part of the kitchen.

In the child’s room as well as in the rest of the flat we took advantage of the high ceilings and made enough storage space. The young lady sleeps on a bed under the ceiling, where her realm is. The purple colour was in then, so the room is ruled by purple colour and cats, a reminder of the family pet. All the furniture which was used in the apartment is tailor-made according to the KP Interiors designs.

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